Redgrave & Lopham Fen

Home to insect-eating plants and Britain's biggest spider, the fen raft spider, this dramatic fenland landscape is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and the source of the River Waveney.
The fen is a wild watery landscape of sedge, rush, heath and hundreds of pools created over many centuries by local people as they eked out a living, digging peat for fuel and cutting reed and sedge for thatching.
With well over 270 plant species, including many national or regional rarities, the fen boasts a diversity of plant life to satisfy even the keenest of botanists.
Looking across the landscape now, it is hard to believe the fen was almost destroyed by post-war drainage and water abstraction. An abitious restoration project, completed in 2002, saved the fen from drying out.
Today, many wetland species that we feared were lost forever are starting to return. Sundew, butterwort and marsh fragrant orchid are amongst them.

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